Products & Solutions

Representing Leading Manufacturers

Below is just an outline of the variety of products and equipment available through JD Industrial Sales. More information can be found on each manufacturer's website. For additional information, please contact our office.

Canadian Concrete Accessories

Canadian Concrete Accessories -

  • Single Cage Spacers
  • Double Cage Spacers
  • Box Culvert Spacers

Elk River Machine Company


  • AcroMix Systems
  • Mesh Benders
  • Wire Rollers
  • Pipe Mesh Cage Expanders
  • Hydra-steer Trailers
  • Material Handling Tipping Equipment

New Hampton Metal Fab

New Hampton Metal Fab -
  • Wet Cast Form Equipment
  • Three Edge Bearing Pipe Tester
  • Remote Control Concrete Hawg Buckets

Stone Strong Systems

Stone Strong Systems -
  • The First and Only Fully Engineered Precast Block
  • Canadian Patents CA2797192A1 and CA2848741A1

Precise Forms

Precise Forms -

  • Aluminum forms
  • Aluminum hole formers